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Total Bio+ Tabs

Total Bio+ Tabs

SKU: 1001

Total Bio + Tab is our dry formula blend of biology and food source for that biology that enhances soil and plant health. Adding these tabs to turf and ornamentals helps unlock nutrients in the soil and allows roots to take in nutrients. • Help establish roots when planting shrubs and trees • Beneficial fungi help fight disease and keep plants healthy • Tabs are convenient and easy to usemany types of toxic soil conditions


APPLICATION RATES Established shrubs and trees: Tabs need to be applied under drip line of plant. Push tabs at least 2 inches into the soil. • Established shrubs: 1 tab for every one foot in diameter of drip line. • Established Trees: 1 Tab for every foot of circumference measured 4 feet from ground. Transplanting Shrubs and Trees: Place tabs in hole 3 to 6 inches below surface level while backfilling around root ball. • Transplanting Shrubs: Use a one tab for every one gallon of container size. • Transplanting Trees: Use two tabs for every inch of tree caliber

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