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Root Fuel

Root Fuel

Root Fuel is a specific blend of clean, powerful soil and plant stimulants that provide microbes the energy to multiply more quickly. As a food source, Root Fuel boosts microbial populations in the soil and increases effectiveness of Total Bio +. Root Fuel contains cobalt and manganese. Cobalt fixes atmospheric nitrogen in plant root nodules. Manganese is one of the nine essential nutrients for plant growth. Manganese also aids in the assimilation of carbon dioxide during photosynthesis. • Delivers nutrients to root enzymes, sugars and hormones • Provides energy to roots because grass blades are constantly getting cut. • Aids in plant health during stressful situations • Increases microbial activity by providing energy to developing plants


APPLICATION RATE 32 oz. per acre -or- .75 oz per 1,000 sq. ft.

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